Local 5G Network System
TRIPLE-1 and Kyocera Complete Interoperability Testing

TRIPLE-1, Inc. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Representative Director CEO: Takuya Yamaguchi, Henceforth:"TRIPLE-1") and Kyocera Corporation (Headquarters: Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, President and Representative Director: Hideo Tanimoto, Henceforth: "Kyocera") have jointly conducted interoperability tests and verified the operation of KYOCERA's 5G compatible device "K5G-C-100A" on TRIPLE-1's local 5G base station (CU/DU/RU) "TOKI" (Sub-6 band, SA system, Henceforth: "TOKI"), and confirmed that the results were as expected. In the future, both companies will work to synergize the above products to realize 5G usage in a wider area and in complex environments. (For more information, please refer to Product Features and User Cases)
Interconnection Test Block Diagram

Product features of "K5G-C-100A"

Feature 1: Dual SIM support that is compatible with both public and local networks

The device is equipped with dual SIM support for both public and local networks, and it is also compatible with both the existing NSA 4G network mode and the SA 5G network mode. *The SA mode can only be used with local 5G networks.

Feature 2: Supports edge computing on the device

With the installation of AOSP apps, the device is capable of processing data on its own, thereby reducing the load on the cloud. This makes highly reliable real-time processing possible.

Feature 3: Stable and undisrupted operation even with high-speed, large-capacity 5G communication

In addition to its heat dissipation mechanism, a cooling fan is installed on the device to ensure stable and undisrupted operation even in a high-load environment.

Product features of "TOKI"

Feature 1: High cost performance with high power and wide coverage

With a high output power of 68dBm/100MHz (EIRP), it is possible to build a “5G environment” with a smaller number of base stations even for a wide target area such as an industrial park or a large logistics warehouse.

Feature 2: Larger deployment area with a waterproof/dustproof outdoor-friendly design

With its outdoor-friendly design (complies with IP65 waterproof/dustproof standards), the device can withstand harsh outdoor environments such as airborne dust and inclement weather.

Feature 3: Maximizes the three advantages of 5G

As the device is compliant with 3GPP, the wireless standard for 5G, it supports high-speed/large-capacity, low-latency, and multiple concurrent connections in a well-balanced manner. These attributes allow it to cater flexibly to a wide range of use cases anticipated for local 5G networks.

Use case

1. Linkage with image data such as AGV and drone

Linkage with image data such as AGV and drone

  • Mounting "K5G-C-100A" on a drone or AGV will allow for the automatic delivery of cargo within a particular area. As it uploads high-resolution images to the server in real time, it is also possible for you to efficiently inspect the condition of deteriorating buildings and equipment.
  • Edge-side analysis of images is combined with AI-based learning aimed at the recognition of abnormal patterns to make efficient and reliable work possible.

2. Fixed point monitoring and AI inspection/analysis of factory lines

Fixed point monitoring and AI inspection/analysis of factory lines

  • HD camera and AI analysis can help to identify the cause and reduce the probability of contamination or abnormalities in appearance that would be overlooked by the human eye.
  • By monitoring the condition of manufacturing equipment, maintenance/malfunction timing can be predicted and countermeasures can be taken in advance.

3. Safety improvement with 4K camera on construction sites

Safety improvement with 4K camera on construction sites

  • By AI analysis with HD camera images to detect entry into restricted and dangerous areas and non-wearing of safety equipment such as helmets, accidents can be prevented remotely.
  • 5G high speed communication enables remote control of heavy equipment/construction equipment and remote instructions to operators.


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