TRIPLE-1 and FCNT complete interoperability testing with multiple local 5G devices
- Developing practical outdoor use cases for local 5G -

By utilizing Sub-6 band and adopting 5G standalone (hereinafter, "SA")*1, which is believed to unlock the true potential of local 5G by making use of the three features of "ultra-high speed", "ultra-low latency", and "multiple simultaneous connections" at full specifications, TRIPLE-1, Inc. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Representative Director CEO: Takuya Yamaguchi, Henceforth:"TRIPLE-1") and FCNT LIMITED (Headquarters: Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, President and Representative Director: Michitaka Tanaka, Henceforth: "FCNT") have completed interoperability testing between TRIPLE-1's local 5G network and FCNT's phone-type devices (local 5G-compatible smart devices) and camera-type devices (edge AI cameras) that are compatible with local 5G networks.
This is a major step forward in terms of providing affordable and reliable local 5G solutions, as well as launching, expanding, and growing the local 5G market in Japan. It will also play a vital role in expediting the development of outdoor use cases, such as wide-area and linear-area applications, which continue to be the center of attention in the future adoption of local 5G.
TRIPLE-1 and FCNT will continue to collaborate actively in local 5G-related business operations, including our joint participation in various demo trials aimed at eventually launching and expanding the local 5G market in Japan.

Background and overview

One of the challenges in spreading and promoting local 5G is the development of use cases that contribute to addressing issues faced by businesses and society.
TRIPLE-1 and FCNT have conducted interoperability tests involving local 5G systems (Sub-6 band, SA) and multiple Japanese local 5G devices designed to support outdoor usage, including being waterproof and dustproof. We have completed the connectivity verification for actual usage, including data transmission and video transmission via over-the-air connections.
TRIPLE-1 and FCNT will leverage our respective strengths to offer a comprehensive local 5G system that combines affordability with a stable, high-quality wireless network environment capable of supporting everything from edge devices to systems. This will allow the companies to promptly address the needs of various customers who are seeking to create next-generation business opportunities while playing a part in the early launch, expansion, and growth of the local 5G market in Japan.
Interconnection Test Block Diagram

FCNT Local 5G-compatible device

Smart device FCNT SD01
Smart device

(1) Local 5G-compatible smart device "FCNT SD01"

FCNT has supplied its local 5G-compatible smart devices to more than 30 companies engaged in local 5G-related business operations. These devices have been used in various trials, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Local 5G development trials for addressing regional issues" in FY2020 and "Local 5G development trials for addressing existing issues" in FY2021.

Edge AI camera FCNT AW02
Edge AI camera

(2) Edge AI camera that provides 5G-era video solutions "FCNT AW02"

FCNT developed this edge AI camera that is capable of delivering video up to a resolution of 4K based on smart phone technology in order to provide 5G-era video solutions with an unprecedented network camera that supports not only local 5G but also public (carrier) 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and other wireless communication channels. In addition to its ability to perform a variety of edge AI processing operations within the device, the camera is also equipped with a dedicated cooling mechanism for stable edge AI operations, as well as connectivity monitoring and autonomous reboot functions to ensure its stable operation for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its built-in battery and waterproof/dustproof design allow it to be used outdoors as well.

TRIPLE-1 Local 5G System

TRIPLE-1 Local 5G System

Feature 1: High cost performance with high power and wide coverage

With a high output power of 68dBm/100MHz (EIRP), it is possible to build a “5G environment” with a smaller number of base stations even for a wide target area such as an industrial park or a large logistics warehouse.

Feature 2: Larger deployment area with a waterproof/dustproof outdoor-friendly design

With its outdoor-friendly design (complies with IP65 waterproof/dustproof standards), the device can withstand harsh outdoor environments such as airborne dust and inclement weather.

Feature 3: Maximizes the three advantages of 5G

As the device is compliant with 3GPP*2, the wireless standard for 5G, it supports high-speed/large-capacity, low-latency, and multiple concurrent connections in a well-balanced manner. These attributes allow it to cater flexibly to a wide range of use cases anticipated for local 5G networks.

Outdoor local 5G utilization use cases envisioned by TRIPLE-1 and FCNT

Outdoor local 5G utilization use cases envisioned by TRIPLE-1 and FCNT

FCNT outline

Representatives Representative Director CEO Michitaka Tanaka
Corporate Headquarter Sankiyamato Bldg., 7-10-1 Chuo-Rinkan, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Established February 1, 2016


All proper nouns such as registered product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


(*1)SA(Stand Alone) : Wireless access network configuration that operates only with 5G devices
(*2)3GPP:Abbreviation for 3rd Generation Partnership Project, a standardisation project to study and create specifications for 3rd generation mobile phone systems and beyond.

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