TRIPLE-1, with Massive MIMO technology "TOKI", a local 5G base station, was granted construction design certification and full license.
~ Launching a commercial "high-speed, high-capacity, multi-connected" communication system to build the "digital society of the future".~

TRIPLE-1, Inc. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, President and CEO: Takuya Yamaguchi, Henceforth:"TRIPLE-1") has successfully obtained the construction design certification and full license for "TOKI", a local 5G base station equipped with Massive MIMO technology. Moving forward, we will contribute to creating a "digital society of the future" by promoting the development and commercialization of Japan's most advanced "high-speed, high-capacity, and multi-connected" communication infrastructure.

Local 5G base stations with Massive MIMO technology

TRIPLE-1 has obtained a construction design certification and a full license for "TOKI" (RU), a local 5G base station equipped with Massive MIMO technology and using the Sub-6 band Stand Alone system (note 1). The certification was issued at an output power of 68dBm/100MHz (EIRP), which we have already successfully tested in our lab. This certification is in addition to the "Exemption System for Periodic Inspections," which was previously required once every five years.

More than 16 times the number of antennas compared to conventional systems, achieving "high-speed, high-capacity, and multi-connected" communications.

Conventional local 5G base stations are not designed with a sufficient number of transmitting and receiving antennas, and in some cases it is difficult to ensure and provide stable high-speed communications over areas with a large number of connected terminals. "TOKI" is equipped with 64 transmitting/receiving antennas (64T64R), which is 16 times more than conventional stations, and uses a beamforming and spatial multiplexing function that drastically improves network environment. By combining this Massive MIMO technology with Japan's top-class output power of 68dBm/100MHz (EIRP), we will push forward with mass production and commercialization to provide the country with top-class "high-speed, high-capacity, and multi-connected" communications.
More than 16 times the number of antennas compared to conventional systems, achieving high-speed, high-capacity, and multi-connected communications.

A "digital society of the future" created through TRIPLE-1's local 5G

TRIPLE-1 will work with a wide range of both domestic and overseas technology companies to develop the infrastructure for the "digital society of the future" with "TOKI x advanced semiconductors". We will first develop the digitalization of "urban hub facilities" such as housing complexes, factories, hospitals, train stations, and schools in Japan, as well as the implementation of "automatic operation and control" of transportation infrastructure such as buses, trains, and drone deliveries that move along a certain area or route.
A digital society of the future created through TRIPLE-1's local 5G
At the same time, TRIPL-1 will contribute to the expansion of the local 5G market and improve the user experience in Japan by offering the "TOKI" series (RU and CUDU), including 5G centers, and by expanding the lineup of high-quality local 5G compatible terminals (CPE) manufactured by our business partners in the ecosystem.


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(Note 1) SA(Stand Alone) : Wireless access network configuration that operates only with 5G devices

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